Newsletter : Quantum technologies Flagship

1. Quantum Flagship discusses research and innovation strategy

End of February 2019, the first European Quantum Technology Conference, initiated by the European funding initiative Quantum Flagship, took place in Grenoble. Members of the research community presented current developments and worked together on the strategic orientation of the program.

The European Quantum Technologies Conference 2019 (EQTC 2019) provided an overview of the progress in European and international research on quantum technologies for the sub-areas of basic technologies, quantum computers, quantum simulation and quantum sensors. In addition, the Quantum Flagship discussed with the participants the future strategy in the areas of research, innovation, gender equality, international cooperation and education. In particular, the early involvement of industry in the flagship activities was highlighted as a key success factor.

Further information on that first important community event can be found here

2. Quantum Flagship at the Mobile World Congress

From 25-28 of February, the Quantum Flagship made its official presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona with over 100,000 visitors attending one of the largest mobile events in the world. The recently launched flagship stand had a singular space devoted to quantum technologies within the NEXTech Hall, aiming to give visitors a glimpse at how these quantum technologies seek to radically improve the field of telecommunications.

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3. Survey on QT Outreach and Training

The Quantum Flagship coordination action is working on coordinating training activities in the area of modern quantum technologies in Europe. As a starting point, we would like to understand and survey what already exists – we do not have to re-invent the wheel but rather help everybody to develop together. We are looking forward to receive your participation:

The survey is open for participation till March 25th, 2019.

Find out more about the survey on our website

4. Many new QT jobs published

During the last weeks the Quantum community has really made an effort and published many new jobs on the Quantum Flagship website. Please feel free to share these positions among your colleagues and parties which might be interested in the jobs.

Please also feel free to share your open positions on the dedicated section on the website:

5. News from the community

Join – Workshop on Atomtronics, May 5-18, 2019, Benasque, Spain

Following the editions in 2015 and 2017, the goal of the workshop is to follow up visions and opportunities in Atomtronics: Atomic quantum matter, like Bose-Einstein condensates, manipulated in electric, magnetic, or optical circuits of very different spatial shapes and intensity. The typically low decoherence/dissipation rates of cold atoms systems and the high controllability and enhanced flexibility of potentials for ultracold matter make Atomtronics very attractive for enlarging the scope of existing cold-atom quantum technology. With the current know-how in the field, circuits with micrometer scale precision can be realized. Important aspects of mesoscopic physics and devices can also be explored.

More details and registration infos

Join – Workshop on Compound (Atomic) Quantum Systems, May 20-24, 2019, Leiden, Netherlands

The scope of the workshop is to discuss impurity physics and transport in ultracold synthetic quantum matter as well as solid-state systems in order to find synergies among the different communities and to identify common goals.

The workshop will take place from Monday, May 20, to Friday, May 24, 2019, in the Lorentz Center at Leiden (The Netherlands). Please note that the success of the workshop would benefit from all participants staying for the full duration of the workshop, or at least a large fraction of it.

Further information on the event and the registration can be found on the event website.

The deadline for the registration is Sunday, February 3, 2019. We note that since the maximum number of participants cannot exceed 55, only a limited number of places are available. Applicants will be informed about their application not later than Sunday, February 24, 2019.

Join – Quantum ThermoDynamics Conference (QDT2019), June 23-28, 2019, Espoo, Finland

In recent years scientific interest has grown to understand the thermodynamics of nanoscale systems, where quantum fluctuations compete with classical fluctuations, and where the assumptions of standard thermodynamics, such as macroscopic ensembles, do not apply. QTD2019 will bring together experts working on topics in quantum thermodynamics theory and experiments that explore this new frontier with low temperature electronic circuits, trapped ions, cavity optomechanics, cold gases, NV centers and other platforms. The conference gives the opportunity to discuss new results and establish new connections between the varied research directions in the field.

Find further information on the conference website

Join – Summer School on Engineered Quantum Systems (EQS2019), June 28-30, 2019, Helsinki, Finland

The school is organized in conjunction with QTD2019 conference, and it will take place on 28-30 June, 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. EQS2019 is optimized for participants at the graduate student level with the basic quantum mechanics courses completed. However, we also welcome bright younger students and postdocs interested in the topic.

Registration is open until 30 April, 2019.

There is no registration fee. A daily warm lunch, coffee between sessions, as well as the social activities indicated in the program will be provided to the participants. Travel and housing must be arranged by the participants themselves.