Strong correlations and cold atoms

Group leader : David PAPOULAR
Laboratoire de physique théorique et modélisation
Our group studies, both theoretically and numerically, various properties of ultracold gases of bosonic and fermionic atoms.
We are interested in strong correlations within ultracold gases of atoms with multiple internal degrees of freedom (multiple hyperfine components, alkaline-earth systems) in low-dimensional geometries.
We also analyze the role of short- and long-range interactions in these gases, as well as the protocols allowing for the manipulation of these interactions, aiming at the realization of new exotic quantum phases.
Finally, we explore transport phenomena within cold gases.

Main research topics:

  1. Impact of the hyperfine degeneracy on the physical properties of ultracold gases of fermionic atoms in 1D;
  2. Exotic, superfluid, and insulator phases of fermionic or boson gases with two or more internal degrees of freedom.
  3. Cold molecules, atom/light interactions, quantum collisions and scattering resonances.
  4. Dynamics, thermodynamics, and transport phenomena in ultracoldgases.
  5. Numerical methods for the calculation of the ground state, dynamics and thermodynamics of condensed-matter systems: exact diagonalization, DMRG, quantum Monte Carlo.

Unité mixte UMR8089 du CNRS et de l’Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Team leader : Philippe Lecheminant
mail : philippe.lecheminant

Other member :
Prof. A. Honecker,
D. Papoular
Valentin Bois (doctorant)
Pierre Fromholz (doctorant)