semiconductor nanostructures for quantum technology

Group leader : Valia VOLIOTIS
Institut des NanoSciences de Paris
A large part of the studies carried out in the group are closely linked to the themes of simulation and quantum computation.
One of the group objectives is to use the potentials of the semiconductor quantum dots to realize an efficient spin-photon interface and to demonstrate the spin-spin intrusion on a device in the longer term. To do so, we are looking for the best systems to define robust qubits with long coherence times and couple them to light in judiciously designed photonic structures. These qubits are manipulated coherently at resonance by light pulses. The group also studies collective quantum states, exciton gases in semiconductor structures, allowing to explore the physics of composite bosons and to understand the superfluid transition in two dimensions. New systems such as NV centers in SiC are also being explored.

The research themes are:

From superfluid to organized networks of ultra-cold excitons

All-optical manipulation of quantum bits in semiconductor nanostructures

Excitations localized in innovative materials for quantum communication