Scanning tunnel microscopy and spectroscopy

Responsable : Jean-Christophe GIRARD
Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies

The work of the team focuses on the study of surface electron properties probed at the atomic scale using tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM / STS) techniques. The materials studied are mainly semiconductors (III-V, II-VI, di-chalcogenides, 2D materials), semi-metals (Weyl), and insulators (oxides, topological insulators)? all possessing remarkable quantum proprerties. Regarding the semicoonductors, it is possible, through STM wave function imaging, to highlight the electronic spatial extension of quantum states confined in nanostructures such as quantum boxes and rods.Our team also works on impurities and magnetic individual atomic defects in these materials. Indeed, reducing interaction between those magnetic impurities and their environment allows to increase the life time and spin coherence time, key parameters for using single spins like Qbits. The STM is also a unique tool to build systems at the atomic scale thanks to atomic manipulation by the tip, wich allows the creation of quantum objects, as for example Heisenberg chains of atoms with antiferromagnetic coupling, or a spin network, or Qbits, in interaction. Finally, we develop the electron paramagnetic resonance technique by STM (ESR-STM). The ESR is already used for algorithm execution or quantum simulation on assemblies of spins, the ESR-STM brings spatial resolution and reduces paramagnetic resonance measurements to a single spin.

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