Quantum optics, photons HQC

Group leader : Takis KONTOS
Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain
During the last decade, it has become possible to synthesize and study experimentally artificial atoms, molecules or wires by confining the electron gas in 2 or 3 dimensions.

A natural probe of these systems is the electronic transport. Recently, nanowires, and more specifically carbon nanotubes, have turned out to be particularly interesting for implementing such experiments.

Generally, nanoscale wires are interesting because they allow us to build devices which are model systems for electrons in one or zero dimension. These conductors are currently particularly important in condensed matter. They allow in principle to study coherent manipulation of the quantum state of circuits or strongly correlated electron systems.

In the HQC team, we study experimentally these questions using nanolithography techniques, thin film deposition techniques under UHV, cryogenics as well as microwave measurement techniques.