Quantum Information and Technologies , Photonics

Group leader: Sara DUCCI
Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques
Photonics is playing a central role in the development of quantum information technologies. Quantum key distribution systems are already commercially available and, taking benefit from the high-speed transmission and low-noise properties of photons, continuous progresses are under way towards large-scale secure networks, metrological systems and quantum processors. The main challenge on the way towards large-scale applications is the miniaturization and integration of all major components on a single chip operating at room temperature. Our team works on the conception, fabrication and characterization of III-V semiconductor sources of entangled photons at room temperature at telecom wavelength; thanks to its direct band gap, this platform present en evident interest for electrical injection opening the way to the generation, manipulation and detection of non classical states of light in a single chip.

The research themes of the group are:

  • Counterpropagating entangled photons sources

  • Electrically injected photon pair sources at room temperature

  • Quantum state engineering and measurement