Quantum Information and Applications

Group leader : Isabelle ZAQUINE
Laboratoire de Traitement et Communication de l'Information (LTCI)
The Quantum Information and Applications team is part of the Laboratoire de Traitement et Communication de l’Information (LTCI), associated with Télécom ParisTech.

The research activities of the team deal with theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum communications and quantum computation.

The experiments developed rely mainly on optical technologies (quantum optics, nonlinear optics and optical telecommunications)

The research topics are:

· Quantum key distribution (QKD): communications, networks, cryptography and practical security. Theoretical and experimental aspects (CV-QKD)

· Development of new quantum cryptography protocols in a hybrid security model (quantum and computational)

· Certification of the security of QKD implementations. Participation as a founding member of ETSI QKD-ISG, (standardization of QKD)

· Experimental realization of multi-photonic entanglement sources, Distribution d’intrusion multi-utilisateurs sur réseau télécom.

· New components for quantum communications based on 4-wave mixing in photonic crystal fibers