Optical frequencies metrology

Group leader : Sébastien BIZE
Systèmes de Référence Temps-Espace (SYRTE)
Current research topics are:

  • Ultra-precise optical clocks: study of the physics of optical network clocks allowing extreme accuracy (10-18 or less). Quantum non-destructive measurements and compressed states for the improvement of stability beyond the standard quantum limit.
  • Ultra-stable lasers using the burned holes in spectral hole burning and the study of the opto-mechanical coupling of burnt holes and applications to the realization of sensors. In general, ultra-stable lasers and the transfer of spectral purity are essential to reach the quantum limit of optical clocks
  • Applications, exploitation and transfer to the industry of clocks as sensors and metrology of optical frequencies.
  • Development of methods and systems to exploit optical clocks as sensors for time, gravity potential or fundamental physics: coherent fiber optic links or free space, transportable systems, spatializable, industrializable for metrology optical frequencies.