Responsable : Sukhdeep DHILLON
Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain

Since the last decade, the Terahertz spectral range has known important developments and offers today new possibilities for the quantum technology. Recent works demonstrating measurements of ultrafast vacuum fluctuations (C. Riek et al, Nature 541, 376 (2017) and the control of multiple orbital eigenstates (S. Chick et al, Nature Photon 16038 (2017)) illustrate the strong potential of THz waves for quantum information. The THz Spectoscopy team at Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain focuses on fundamental quantum physical effects in semiconductor nanostructures, and their applications to THz and infrared quantum technologies. Our research activities concern particularly:

    • The generation of frequency combs in the infra-red medium and the THz by quantum cascade lasers. The frequency combs issued present a special architecture based on multiple interractif modes whose phase characterisics are unique. Those combs offer new ways to generqte complex states of non-convetional light.
    • The fundamental study of new quantum phases of magneto-optical condensed matter and magneto-transport in order to realise a new generation of quantum materials. Those two combined techniques allow to study band structures as well as the particular properties that result from them with a precision that often exceeds those of the other spectroscopic models. This technique is particularly adapted to the comprehensioon of the fundamental and functionnal proprieties of Dirac matter and topoligical phases of condensed matter.
    • The physical properties of graphene quantum dots at THz frequences. Those nanostructures are promising for quantum computing at THz frequences because spin-orbit interctions and hyperfine interactions are weak in these systems. Our goal is to study spin coherence times and lifetimes. Our studies also concern the strong coupling regime of these quantum boxes of graphene THz optical cavity.



– DE VAULCHIER, Louis-Anne

– DHILLON, Sukhdeep


– MANGENEY, Juliette

– TIGNON, Jérôme