Nano quantum optics

Group leader : Agnès MAITRE
Institut des NanoSciences de Paris
The team’s activities are at the interface between photonics and quantum optics. It is concerned with the control of the optical properties of nanoemitters once placed in plasmonic or photonic nanostructures. In particular, the group develops plasmonic nanoantennas, coupled to single emitters in order to exploit the strong interaction between a single nano-emitter and the plasmonic nanostructure that includes it, and thus to produce directive single-photon sources. The coupling of emitters to dielectric pillars, antennas or metamaterials also makes it possible to exacerbate some of their chiral or magnetic transitions making them nanosources with specific properties. The team also studies the optical and electronic properties of nanoemitters such as CdSe / CdS nanocrystals with various configurations (nanobatonnets, nanocrystals, nanoplaquettes).
The nanoemitters studied are nanoemitters of this CdSe / CdS, rare earth-doped ions, perovskytes … The studies are carried out by near-field or far-field fluorescence microscopy and combine spectroscopy, polarimetry, Ellipsometry, photon counting, etc. The team has developed techniques for lithographic production and fabrication of its samples.