Advanced material elaboration processes

Group leader : Jocelyn ACHARD
Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux

The work developed in the PEMA team concerns the processes of advanced materials elaboration : from the synthesis of organometallic precursors for the deposition of metallic films (Pt, Cu, or Ir), the large-scale synthesis of nanomaterials, (Plasma-assisted CVD, electric arc reactor, MOCVD), and finally the development and analysis of materials (diamond, carbon nanotubes, etc.).

The research activities of the PEMA team are broken down into 3 major research operations.

– Diamond and applications: Synthesis of monocrystalline diamond of very high purity and development of doping technique allowing the creation and the control of the orientation of luminescent centers nitrogen-vacancy (so-called NV) whose remarkable physical properties allow the development of applications in Quantum information or magnetic detection.
– Plasma modeling and diagnostics – Reactor engineering
– Carbon, oxide and metallic nanomaterials