Why and how to integrate SIRTEQ


Making part of SIRTEQ allows you to:

  • Be a part of an excellent network in the quantum technology domain and participate in the scientific events proposed by SIRTEQ.
  • Candidate for annual Call for projects of the DIM SIRTEQ. The budget for the year 2017-2018 allowed us to finance  5 doctoral students and will allow us to choose 5 post-doctoral fellows, 5 events, and dozens of small and medium-sized projects (PME) and medium-sized (Mi-lourd) projects.
  • Organise scientific events between researchers.
  • Organise scientific events for public ( exhibitions, science party, ….)
  • Discover new partners in all disciplines of quantum technology.
  • Get benefit of the information relatif to the scientific events in Ile-de-France region via our website and to receive the news by e-mail.


To be eligible, a research team must:

  1. Work in the quantum technology domain.
  2.  Work in Ile-de-France Region.
  3. Work in the academic field.

If your team is eligible, and you would like to join SIRTEQ, the procedure to be followed is as follows :
Identifiy the SIRTEQ contact, in other words, choose a representator for your group. The group leader can be the SIRTEQ contact. He/She should :

  1. Identify the theme in which the group wishes to be.
  2. Download and complete the two Excel files hereafter.
  3. Send the demand to sirteq@institutoptique.frHere is the two files to be download :

The request will be then examined by the steering committee. Within a month, the SIRTEQ contact as well as the group leader will receive an e mail conforming him/her by the decision taken by the steering committee. 

Once accepted the SIRTEQ contact is invited to communicate the group’s email list in order to be sure that all information are transmitted to the whole group.