Valorisation at DIM SIRTEQ

The DIM SIRTEQ groups are developing the scientific foundations and technological tools that will be used to develop the quantum technologies of tomorrow. It is a question of exploiting the most subtle quantum properties of matter (coherence, entanglement). This research, sometimes very fundamental, is destined to lead to the second quantum revolution in information technologies (quantum communication, quantum computation, quantum simulation) as well as in the field of precision measurement (quantum sensors). Faced with the potential of these new technologies, the European Union has decided to invest heavily in quantum technologies through the implementation of a dedicated Flagship, technology transfer to industry being one of the major objectives at 6-10 years.

Although based on a recent fundamental physics, the sciences and technologies of the second quantum revolution offer significant transfer potentials for all technologies and techniques that often have applications in other areas.

One of the main objectives of the DIM is to promote valorization processes, in order to train SIRTEQ research teams in various aspects of innovation and creation of startups , to launch the first industrial transfers in Ile de France, ensure that all SIRTEQ teams, representing a significant part of the French quantum technology community, are fully able to contribute to the most applied actions of the European Flagship at the end of the DIM.

Moreover, in a scientific context where the number of permanent researchers is becoming scarce at national and European level, raising young researchers’ awareness of the research-industry gateways is a way of opening up new attractive career opportunities.

For this, the DIM SIRTEQ proposes:

  • Annual awareness valorisation events,
  • Meetings between researchers and industrials,
  • An annual residential school training to create an entreprise,
  • A call for project specific for valorisation, in order to support prototyping ,pre-maturation, and propose coaching.

If you have any suggestions, proposals, special requests to support your valorization process, do not hesitate to contact us!



Steering committee member

Directeur de recherche CNRS, LPA
(CNRS, ENS Paris)

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Takis Kontos

Directeur de recherche CNRS, LPA (CNRS, ENS Paris)

Nicolas TREPS

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