Trainings and events

The aim of this axis is to develop a common scientific culture within the network and to enrich exchanges at the fundamental and technological level, both locally and internationally, and also to increase, through appropriate communication, the visibility of the network in both the academic and industrial world, in general, and also for the media and the general public.

One of SIRTEQ’s ambitions is to increase the curiosity and taste for science among young people, especially young girls. In order to be able to do so, SIRTEQ is willing to get in  contact with  associations specialized in the dissemination of scientific culture, many in the Île-de-France, with a view to joint activities. We also are planning to collaborate with high school teacher and students and help trainings  high school teachers who now have to teach quantum physics. For the general public, the DIM plans to organize several scientific  events for quantum technologies (science festivals, conferences, public debates, etc.)

Within the framework of these events, the DIM will propose workshops and seminars to make the state of art of knowledge and challenges, with the help of the DIM teams and their networks in LabEx and COMUEs . The workshops will be open to industry presenting their advances and research needs. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibility of organizing and financing a scientific day within the framework of theDIM SIRTEQ.


Michèle LEDUC  
Research director ( émérite) CNRS

Office members

Michèle LEDUC
Research director emerite CNRS LKB ( CNRS, P6)

Researcher at Observatoire de Paris (CNRS, l’Observatoire de Paris)
Denis VION

Researcher CEA Saclay, (SPEC, CEA)