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Experience shows that one of the obstacles to valorisation activities is a lack of knowledge of what they represent and allow. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate what can deliver a patent, what can lead to an innovation, … In addition, patent filing is often perceived as a delay in scientific disclosure. In factg, it is often enough that a member of a teamis familiarised to change the situation. Within the framework of the  DIM SIRTEQ, several days of valorization importance will be proposed.


 Annual Valorization Awareness Days:

An annual awareness valorization day is organized for maximum thirty participants.It involves professionals in the field of valorisation, industrialists and professors in the fields of entrepreneurship. It typically includes several conferences: feedback from creators of startups or entreprises in the field of quantum technologies, conferences on innovation, patent, tools and financing of valorisation, as well as a session of exchange around posters.

Meetings between researchers and industralists

To reduce the gap between the world of research and that of industry, an annual meeting between both will be organized. The meeting will be include  a few high-level industrial and scientific presentations, it will also allow discussions between the various actors around poster sessions and round tables.

Seminar on how to build a start-up

The seminar, which can receive about 15 participants, aims to foster links between academics and industrialists  to create a more entrepreneurial spirit among young researchers in academic laboratories. The program aims to allow participants to  gain skills and knowledge in order to build a startup or entreprise . Practical case study workshops can be proposed to identify how and on which markets quantum technologies and their supporting technologies can lead to industrial applications.

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