call for projects valorization

A specific call for projects “Valorisation” AAP 2017 will be open at the beginning of september ( date de be precised)


WHat can we finance  ?

  • Requests for training for researchers of teams wishing to start up a business.
  • Requests for personalized coaching around an already premature project
  • Requests for support of the prototyping stages: development work that is not part of a research approach but aims at achieving the last technological steps showing the viability of a component, system, etc. The DIM may have a salary of an engineer or a post-doctoral fellow for up to 9 months per project, as well as the small and medium-sized equipment necessary for the assembly of the prototype.
  • Other requests that the DIM valorisation  office would not have foreseen, if the impact is part of a valorisation process..


The projects will be evaluated first with through the application review and also by presentation infront of a jury jury made up of the members of the DIM Valorsation office and valorization professionals.

The call for project will be online beginning of september

Financing projects out of call for project time :

An opportunity arises that would allow you to launch the valorization of your research, but can not wait for the next call for project? Contact us, we may be able to finance a few upgrading projects.

Need a contact, an advice ?

You want to get started in the creation of a startup and you are looking for a technological project? You think you have a technology to enhance but you do not know how to proceed? Contact us, we can guide you!

Results of the Call for project

To be announced