call for projects

Call for projects SIRTEQ Ile de France Region-France


All the groups listed in the  DIM SIRTEQ Team Directory are eligible to respond to the Call for Proposals (AAP)

For PhD and post-doc grants as well as for small and medium-sized equipment, interdisciplinary research projects involving two or more teams are encouraged without being obligatory.

For heavy projects, the SIRTEQ DIM will only support collaborative projects, at least between two teams attached to the DIM, in two different laboratories.

You can find more details in the files of the calls for projects that you can download in the “download files” section below.


Sending documents

Pour rappel, les dossiers doivent être impérativement déposés

The documents should be sent

  1. by e-mail to

Final deadline for the post doc fellowship progam is on the 18/09 /2017 – 23:59.

Final deadline to deposit the application for the small and medium equipments is on the  19/09 /2017 – 23:59.

Final deadline to deposit the application for heavy equipments is on the  20/09 /2017 – 23:59


2. A certificate (see Annex 1 in the document) must be printed, signed by your laboratory director, and sent to the following address:

Institut d’Optique Graduate School

A l’attention de Yara Hodroj/ SIRTEQ

2 avenue Augustin Fresnel

91127 Palaiseau Cedex

Download the call for project document with the general rules of the sirteq DIM and the Ile-de-France Region

AAP Post-doc:

aap_apd_2017-post doc final

AAP Petit et moyen équipement (small and medium equipments )

aap-pme-2017-PME final

AAP équiement Mi-Lourd ( heavy equipements)

aap-mL-2017-ML final

Call for projects valorisation.

There are calls for projects specifically for valorisation .
Find all the details of the calls for projects valorisation here.


You can find the results of the call for projects PhD here.


The results of the funding of the post doctoral, small and medium equipment and heavy equipments will be announced on the site in  November 2017