Post Doc: Single emitter plasmonic nano‐antenna

Scientific context:
Plasmonic nano-antennas confine light on very small scale making it possible to engineer
quantum properties of light. We have fabricated and studied plasmonic nanoantennas with a
single semiconductor quantum dot exhibiting original quantum properties and brightness,
thanks to the high optical and electronic confinement in these structures. In order to maximize
the interaction between the resonant field and the nanoemitter within the antenna, both the
geometry of the antenna, position and orientation of the emitter inside the antenna have to be
controlled. We have developed several lithography protocols to precisely control the position
and orientation of a single emitter inside an antenna, with patents pending. In this project,
antennas will be fabricated and studied in view of exploring strong coupling and collective
During this project, supported by a transfer technology agency, we will address the
realization, characterization and study of highly confined antennas with a single emitter
working at room temperature. We intend to take this fundamental research to technological
realization for applications.

The post doctoral fellow will be in charge of the fabrication of these antennas by e-beam and
optical lithography on single emitters and will optimize the protocols. He will then perform
experiments of fluorescence microscopy, characterize antennas and analyze results. He will
study optical antenna properties specifically associated to the confinement, such as emission
dynamics, brightness, spectral width, and coherence.

A good experience in optical microscopy focused on nanophotonics and quantum optics is
required. Experience in nanofabrication and/or lithography will be highly appreciated.

Research unit:
Institut des NanoSciences de Paris is a joint unit research between Sorbonne Université and
CNRS, located in Paris. A clean room and high resolution microscopes (atomic force,
scanning electron, confocal and near field optical microscopes) are available in the lab. The
Nanostructure and Optics team studies interaction of light with plasmonic, dielectric or
biological nanostructures in order to engineer polarization, chirality, spectral properties or to
enhance specific emitters properties such as magnetic or quantum ones.

Expected date of employment: From September-December 2019

Contact: Agnès Maître (