Two Postdoctoral Research Assistants on Dipolar Quantum Gases

 It is now an exciting time to work with ultracold highly-magnetic quantum gases, thrived by the recent discoveries of novel dipolar quantum phases of matter and unprecedented atomic properties  in such exotic species.

 Our dipolar quantum gases group is currently searching for two talented and motivated post-doctoral research associates to join our team.

The post-doc post-doctoral research associates will experimental investigate


  • The newly discover ultra-narrow “clock-type” optical transition in Erbium and its applications for quantum state manipulation and quantum optics
  • Dipolar Fermi gases and fermionic mixtures and their many-body quantum phases, which are so far very little explored

Postdoc@Er-Dy LAB

  • The many-body quantum phases of heteronuclear dipolar mixtures of Erbium and Dysprosium
  • Quantum gas microscopy

Working on these projects will provide a unique opportunity to perform exciting experiments at the frontier of quantum physics in an exceptional international environment, as well as to collaborate with a large network of researchers worldwide, and to develop valuable high-tech skills in electronics, photonics, programming, and data analysis, among others. Join us if you want to contribute in unveiling the unique opportunities of ultracold lanthanide atoms for quantum physics!

The Dipolar Group is led by Prof. Francesca Ferlaino and it is jointly located  at the University of Innsbruck (UIBK) and at the Institute for Quantum Opnics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) of the Austrian Academy of Science, Austria. 

To learn more about our research and the various opening (also PhD and theory positions!!) we have, visit and or contact me at