Quantum interference and quantum entanglement with single-electron flying qubits

Starting date: flexible (earliest: September 2020)
The QuanTECA team at the Néel Institute is looking for a PhD student or post doctoral researcher interested in working on an experimental research project, in the framework of the European FET-OPEN project UltraFastNano (
The EU-funded project will pioneer new concepts at the crossroads between quantum optics and solid-state quantum-nanoelectronics. It aims at establishing a unique and innovative platform for the creation, manipulation and detection of single-electron wave packets and exploit them for quantum technologies. This will be achieved by controlling the quantum state in nanoelectronic devices at the picosecond scale, about three orders of magnitude faster than other quantum technologies. The project is expected to demonstrate electronic flying qubits, picosecond electronic detectors and picosecond optoelectronic devices.
The project will benefit from close collaborations with CEA Saclay (Glattli group), CEA Grenoble (Waintal group), RIKEN (Yamamoto group)

Profile of the candidate: We are looking for a highly-motivated student/post-doc with strong background in quantum mechanics and solid-state physics. Skills in cryogenics, nanofabrication, radio-frequency electronics or programming would be an asset.

Environment: The candidate will be working within a competitive research team at the Néel Institute / CNRS – one of the largest French national research institutes in condensed matter physics. It is located in the heart of a unique scientific, industrial and cultural environment. It is part of one of Europe’s biggest high-tech environment in micro- and nanoelectronics, right next to the French Alpes.

Salary: PhD: 1800 €/month net salary; Post-doc: 2300€/month net salary
Contact: Please send standard application documents and names of 2 referees to Christopher BAUERLE: