Quantum computing engineer (m/f)

About Quandela and the context

Quandela is a spin-off company from the French national laboratory CNRS founded in 2017, composed by a team of motivated quantum technology enthusiasts with broad experience in optics, quantum photonic and semiconductor nanotechnologies. Located in heart of the deep-tech campus of Paris-Saclay, in the south suburbs of Paris, Quandela pursues the development of unique components that boost the emergence of quantum technologies. The core product consists in ultra-bright sources of pure quantum light based on a disruptive technology developed during the past 15 years within the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-CNRS. These unique quantum light sources serve as building blocks for the development of optical quantum computers and for the deployment of quantum networks. While pursuing the development and commercialization of standalone quantum light sources from research laboratories to industrial users, our aim is to explore quantum computing architectures and quantum communication protocols tailored for deterministic quantum light sources.

Your Role

Within the scope of optical quantum computing the projects will focus on the conception and optimization of protocols, architectures and software design, tailored to exploit the advantages of deterministic single-photon sources. The team, composed by both theoreticians and experimentalists, will take part in international collaborations – both on the academic and industrial side – working on a broad range of platforms, use-cases and end-users.

Your Skills and your profile

BSc degree or above. Candidates should present advanced skills in optics, quantum computing and quantum engineering.
Experience in integrated photonics and software development is strongly appreciated.
Knowledge of French language is not required.

What Quandela offers

• A unique, challenging, international environment
• Strong potential for career development within a growing highly professional team
• Close collaborations with national and international research groups and private companies
• Highly competitive salary + additional benefits

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The job description is available here.