Postdoctoral Position at L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Job description:
Landau Institute has postdoctoral position openings in the area of theoretical condensed matter physics. The opened positions provide an opportunity to pursue fundamental studies in mesoscopic and non-equilibrium superconductivity, Anderson localization, interaction and quantum coherence in disordered electron systems, and electron hydrodynamics. The postdoctoral appointment is possible under the supervision of Anton Andreev, Igor Burmistrov, Mikhail Feigel’man, Yakov Fominov, Mikhail Skvortsov, and Konstantin Tikhonov.

Minimal Job Requirements:

The successful candidate must have strong skills, with an excellent  scientific record of publications in theoretical condensed matter theory. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in using such advanced methods of theoretical physics as Green’s function diagrammatic techniques, functional integration for fermions and bosons, and nonlinear sigma model in various representations (Keldysh, replica, supersymmetric). The ability to work creatively and independently, as a part of a diverse team, is important. Strong communication and language skills, as evidenced by publications and application letter, are required. The knowledge of Russian language is not necessary.


Candidates must have a Ph.D. in theoretical condensed matter physics (completed within the last 5 years) and at least 3 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Job conditions:

The appointment is initially for one year, with a prolongation for one more year in the case of an excellent work. The expected starting date is Jan 1, 2021. The salary is at the level of the average salary in Moscow. After half a year period 10 per cent increase of the salary is possible. During the second year (in the case of prolongation) the salary is expected to be 20 percent higher than in the first year.

Accommodation conditions:

Landau Institute is situated in Chernogolovka which is a cosy town, surrounded by forests, lakes and the river. Chernogolovka has all necessary infrastructure for everyday life. Landau Institute can assist with renting apartment or can provide a room in the dormitory. Moscow can be reached within one hour trip by a regular bus.

Notes to applicants: Please send a cv, publication list, a brief statement of research interests and plans to email:

In addition, to your submission three recommendation letters should be submitted directly to the above e-mail with the subject line: “Recommendation for FamilyName”.
Review of applications will begin immediately after receiving the applications and
recommendations. The review will continue until the position is filled.