Enabling technologies for multifunction guided atom interferometers on atom chips

Project title : Enabling technologies for multifunction guided atom interferometers on atom chips Twitter

A post-doc position is currently available in the Atom Interferometry and Inertial Sensors team at SYRTE. The candidate will work on cold atom detection methods, enabling the realization of multifunction inertial sensors using cold atoms trapped/guided on an atom chips The research activities will be performed in an existing experimental setup in which preliminary demonstrations of nondestructive atom detection have been recently performed.

The activity of the Atom Interferometry and Inertial Sensors team of SYRTE is directed by Franck Pereira Dos Santos. Its aim is to study the possibilities offered by atom interferometry for high-precision measurements, and in particular for the realization of very high performance inertial sensors. Our team is a pioneer in the development of these sensors, and has an internationally recognized expertise, particularly in the metrology study of these instruments. In particular, the team have demonstrated the first cold atom gyrometer, was the first team to participate in international comparison campaigns of gravimetry and to demonstrate the operation without dead time of a cold atom fountain gyroscope. Our numerous contributions to the field (models for the evaluation of the limits of sensitivity and accuracy, development of vibration rejection techniques, demonstration of new sensor architectures, development of hybridization methods …) are today widely taken up by other teams. In addition, our expertise in gravimetry has been industrially transferred to the Muquans company, which markets cold atom gravimeters based on a patented cold atom technology.

Start date: As soon as possible

Profile of candidates: We are looking for outstanding candidates, preferably with experience in any of the following fields: cold atoms; atom chips; quantum optics; instrumentation for atom interferometry and inertial measurements. Any experience in the field of atomic interferometry will be an asset. Used to autonomous work as well as part of a team, with analytical and interdisciplinary thinking.

Nationality: EU or Swiss citizenship mandatory

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The position is based on a full-time employment. The interested candidate should address a CV, a motivation letter and reference letters to Carlos L. Garrido Alzar (