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15-18 avril 2018

  • Cet évènement est passé

This workshop brings together a broad community of senior and junior scientists, in order to address the most recent developments in the emerging cross-disciplinary research field involing ultracold atoms, quantum many-body physics, quantum simulation and quantum information. The conference will take place at the Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef (Germany)
The workshop is particularly welcoming junior attendants (PhD students and postdocs), offering full coverage of the local expenses.

There will be five different sessions, each focussed on a special topic. A senior speaker will give an introductory lecture, and shorter talks by younger selected researchers will follow.

The main themes of this edition will be

– Non-equilibrium physics and dynamics
– Artificial gauge fields and topological phases
– Strongly correlated systems
– Ultracold atoms and quantum technologies
– From few to many-body physics

Confirmed invited lectures are Giovanna Morigi (Germany), Cristiane Morais-Smith (the Netherlands), Frank Pollmann (Germany), Klaus Sengstock (Germany), Leticia Tarruell (Spain), Martin Zwierlein (USA).

The list of confirmed invited speakers,  can be found on the webpage, where you can also register and find more information about the workshop.


Practical information

Dates : 15-18 avril 2018

Lieu : Bad Honnef Allemagne