Ramsey Interferences and Spin Echoes from Electron Spins Inside a Levitating Macroscopic Particle

The group of Gabriel Hétet of SIRTEQ has reported on observations of Ramsey interferences and spin echoes from electron spins inside a levitating macroscopic particle. The experiment is realized using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers hosted in a micron-sized diamond stored in a Paul trap both under atmospheric conditions and under vacuum.
T. Delord et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 053602

Graphene quantum boxes: new quantum emitters at room temperature

Two group of SIRTEQ JS Lauret’s at LAC and Y Chassagneux at LPA’s, in collaboration with LICSEN and the Max Planck Institute (Mainz) have shown that it is possible to access to the intrinsic properties of quantum graphene boxes composed of 96 carbon atoms

Ytterbium: the quantum memory of tomorrow

Researchers from IRCP, working closely with UNIGE , have discovered
a new material that can be used to store and repeat the quantum signal rapidly – could this be the beginning of a global
quantum network?