PhD defense /HDR/seminaries

Gabrieil Dutier will defend his HDR on the 29th of june at 2 pm at Villetaneuse Paris 13 amphi Fermat. The title of his work is “Slow metastable Argon beam for atom surfaces Casimir-Polder interactions study”


 A novel atomic metastable Argon slow beam allows us to study Casimir-Polder interactions between an atom and transmission nanograting surfaces. Such an experimental configuration, with velocities between 10 and 150 m/s, exhibits atomic diffraction spectra of a unique large angular aperture leading to a high fitting quality. A rough modeling (semi-classical and Fresnel approximation) gives uncertainty on the order of 10%, which correspond to the best atomic measurements. We estimate that a rigorous modeling (Schrödinger equation) would increase the constrain on the hypothetical non-Newtonien potential at short distances.


Markus ARNDT, Université de Vienne, rapporteur

Arnaud LANDRAGIN, LNE-SYRTE, Paris, rapporteur

Ariel LEVENSON, C2N, Marcoussis, rapporteur

Serge REYNAUD, LKB, Paris 6

Anne AMY-KLEIN, LPL, Université Paris 13

Frédéric DU BURCK, LPL, Université Paris 13