PhD offer: Practical demonstration of Quantum Illumination

The Experimental Quantum Optics and Photonics Group  ( at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow have
a number of fully-funded PhD positions available in the field of experimental  quantum technologies focused on the following projects:

• Practical demonstration of Quantum Illumination

Quantum illumination exploits correlations or entanglement in the emitted  light to enable significant improvements in target discrimination and  range-finding for radar or LIDAR applications compared to standard classical  techniques. This approach simultaneously provides excellent noise rejection  meaning the technique is robust to jamming and able to operate with emitted  light levels well below the noise background to prevent detection by an  eaves-dropper.

For this project we have two studentships available, one focused on  developing the theory of quantum illumination and devising optimal detection  protocols and a second experimental project developing a compact, high  brightness source of correlated single photons for performing experiments on  quantum illumination. This project will test and benchmark new protocols for  un-jammable quantum LIDAR against the best classical detection strategies to  enable demonstration of quantum advantage. The hardware developed in the  project will enable future scalable implementation of quantum LIDAR with  applications for autonomous vehicle navigation and covert sensing and  detection.

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