Thesis offer: Compact, laser-cooled atomic clocks

The Experimental Quantum Optics and Photonics Group ( at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow have
a number of fully-funded PhD positions available in the field of experimental  quantum technologies focused on the following projects:

• Compact, laser-cooled atomic clocks

Atomic clocks are a shining example of the power that technology based on  atomic physics can have. In the last decades, using atoms laser cooled to the  microKelvin regime, the sensitivity of atomic clocks has increase to now  being better than one second over the age of the universe. This project, a  key node in the UK Quantum Technologies Hubs, is focussed on the development  of an atomic clock in a compact and robust package, utilising holographic  grating-MOT technique developed in our group at Strathclyde. The resulting
device will challenge current state-of-the-art in commercial atomic clocks in  cost, size, and stability. The successful candidate will gain cutting edge  experience in atomic physics, lasers, optics, and vacuum technology.

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The Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde has been ranked  first in the UK for research by the Time Higher Education, based on the  results of the UK Research Excellence Framework. The Experimental Quantum  Optics & Photonics group has nine academics leading a group of over 40 PhD  and postdoctoral researchers undertaking experimental investigations of  atomic systems and emerging quantum technologies.