Postdoc proposition- Optimal control of engineered open quantum systems

The optomechanical, wich studies the interaction between light and mechanical oscillators, is
a thriving research field at the interface of quantum optics, of mesoscopic physics and micro-and nanosystems [1].

A single photon reflecting on a mirror has a very weak mechanical action, which in practice has never been measured. However, the recent efforts in quantum optomechanics have led to a giant increase in effects at the single photon scale. This is particularly true in the nano-optomechanical disc resonators, developed in our institute, in wich the simultaneous confinement of light and mechanical vibration in a sub-micron volume produces a record optomechanical interactio [2].

In this post-doctoral project, we consider
nano-optomechanical experiments at the single photon level. The experiences will take place at ultra low temperature (MillKelvin domain), where the quantum nature of nanomechanical movement is directly accessible. Injection and measurement of single photons will be used to disrupt the quantum mechanical trajectory and prepare specific motion states required for quantum force measurement protocols and non-locality tests on remote mechanical resonators [3,4]. Reciprocally, the project will also consider the manipulation of single photons via the nanomechanical movement: how to think, modify, and route them by design.

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The works will focus on fundamental studies in quantum optomachanics, led on semiconductor nano-resonators. They will combine expertise in photonics, quantum optical measurements, dilution cryogenics, clean room nano-fabrication, and modeling. A subset of these competences (typically 3) is sufficiant to be eligible. The candidate wiil have to be fluent in English to present his/her work at international conferences.

Contact Ivan Favero : ivan.favero(at)

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