Post doc: sensing of bio-systems and in-vivo diagnostics of biomedical conditions using hitherto unexploited tools

Within the EU FET-OPEN H2020, the PATHOS consortium will plan to develop a  radically new technology for the sensing of bio-systems and in-vivo  diagnostics of biomedical conditions using hitherto unexploited tools  (pioneered by the partners of this very interdisciplinary consortium):  unconventional complex-system dynamical control and information  sampling/processing, e.g. (i) magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) and  optically-detected magnetic-resonance (ODMR) sensing via cooling/suppression  of thermal noisy background in-vivo, (ii) NMR intra-molecule/intra-tissue  sensing and intra-cell NV-center thermometry, (iii) advanced sensing-data  processing, including high-order correlation spectroscopy.

As part of this effort, at the University of Florence we are currently  seeking 2 Postdocs in Noise Sensing, who will work on the controlled and  optimised manipulation of quantum probes and the analysis of temporal  correlations of environmental noise, respectively.

Photonic and nAnomeTric High-sensitivity biO-Sensing (PATHOS)PI: F. Caruso (Florence Univ., Coordinator), G. Kurizki (Weizmann), M.
Genovese (INRIM), N. Bar-Gill (HUJI), D. Suter (TUDO)Co-PI: L. Frydman (Weizmann), D. Wiersma (Florence Univ.), J. Howell (HUJI)
5-year project starting in April 2019

Theoretical physicists trained in quantum information science that are  interested in learning spectroscopy and bio-sensing are welcome to apply. And  vice versa quantum chemists/physicists trained in spectroscopy that are  interested in learning quantum information processing are also welcome to  apply.

Position summary
Full-time temporary employment. The position is limited to one year,  extendable up to 5 years, starting at any time since July 2019.

Required qualifications:
– PhD in Physics or equivalent.
– Fluency in English, oral and written; interest and skills in working  collaboratively as well as independently.

Experience in one or more of these fields is desired:
– Computational physics, noise spectroscopy, non-Markovian dynamics, and
noise correlations.
– Optimal control theory, optimization and machine learning, network theory,
quantum information.
– Python and Matlab programming.

The candidate should appreciate working in projects together with  experimentalists.

More information about the position and how to apply: please urgently write  to